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Photo Gallery: St. Patio Show at the Replay

There's no one first sign of Spring in Lawrence. Rather, it's a culmination of signs-- Tulips peeking out of the ground, a mighty wind pushing
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Watch: Nicholas St. James

It's been a while since we've seen the bearded balladeer, but Nicholas St. James made a rare Lawrence appearance over the weekend. The folk musician
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Teenage Wasteland: Local musicians recall albums from their youth

It seems that over the weekend, you couldn’t escape it. Social media feeds were nothing but a sea of your friends and loved ones recalling

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Listen: Nicholas St. James releases new track

Days like today, after a tense and depressing election, it’s hard not to dwell. Luckily, Nicholas St. James has released a new song to share


Terribly Intentional: Nicholas St. James to celebrate his true form at album release show

In October of 2014, Nicholas St. James performed in front of a large crowd in the theatre of the Lawrence Arts Center. The folk artist

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Album Review: Nicholas St. James – “Theatres”

by Nathan Cardiff I realize it’s only February, but the most fascinating musical moment of this whole year might be a kazoo solo. That’s right;

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Album Review: Sugar Britches – “Quit Yer Britchin'”

If you like mild mannered women, this album isn’t for you. If you enjoy damsels with an adventurous sense of humor, then kindly make your


Watch Nicholas St. James nail this cover

If you like folk music, your cup runneth over in Lawrence. Additionally, folk musicians have fairly likable personas onstage. But Nicholas St. James has some


Watch: Nicholas St. James at the Gaslight

It appears Nicholas St. James works very well under pressure. Nestled in the tiniest of corners in North Lawrence, the outdoor stage at the Gaslight


Lawrence tears up the Jackpot for Night 2 of SXSW Bound

Yes, topping Night 1 of “SXSW Bound” is a near-impossible feat, but Night 2 pulled through and ended in the only way possible: rowdiness. In