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Introducing: SLAW

You're driving through the desert at 100 mph. The sky is green. The mountains are on fire. You look over to see who's in your
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Gnarly Davidson bid farewell by blowing the roof off two venues

Gnarly Davidson / Photo by Fally Afani It's hard to write stories like these, ones where you say goodbye to a Lawrence institution, but it's
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Album Review: Gnarly Davidson – “Gnarly Davidson”

by Nathan Cardiff At just shy of 24 minutes, Gnarly Davidson’s debut release is either a full length, an EP, or a single. It is


Radkey returns to the Replay and rocks the fuck out

If you’ve ever thought the Replay felt like family, you’re right. Friday night’s show featured two sets of siblings rocking the venue to its very


Photo Gallery: Kemosabe / Black on Black

Take a look around you. You’re likely surrounded by a lot of dead things. Dead skin. Wood. Paper. Food. Tiny insects. Leaves on the ground.


Rock Solid: Blackfoot Gypsies remind you what rock and roll is all about

by Mitch Jones I know in most situations it is wrong to judge a book by it’s cover, but in the case of Blackfoot Gypsies

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Paleo coming to Lawrence

by Mitch Jones When putting together a vigilante task force, you don’t pick just anyone off the street. You’re gonna need an experienced leader, a


Approach / Radkey / My Brother the Vulture / American Youth rock the Bottleneck

by Mitch Jones It was one exciting mixed genre line-up at the Bottleneck on Saturday night. Up first was Minneapolis based solid pop-rock quartet American


Photo Gallery: 69 Noses / Stiff MIddle Fingers / Mr. and the Mrs.

by Mitch Jones Things got rowdy at the Replay on Saturday night. 69 Noses kicked things off. A four-piece punk rock explosion based out of


Photo Gallery: Ghosty / Shiner at the Granada

Lawrence was electrified when Shiner played the Granada on Friday. The venue was full of fans old and young, some only recently discovering the legendary