Electronic acts impress at the Replay

On Tuesday night all sorts of electronic music goodness was oozing out of the Replay. To some people, all electronic music sounds the same. But


Dr. Octor changes it up at the Replay

I’ve enjoyed watching Dr. Octor transform over the past few weeks. The first time I saw them, they were heavy on the acoustic guitar and


The Noise FM gear up for a happy homecoming

Forgive the pun, but for members of The Noise FM, there really is no place like home. Brothers Alex and Austin Ward relocated to Chicago


Music for your summer: Continents

Continents just released a new song, and it should be everyone’s soundtrack for the summer of 2011.   Kansas City native Jim Button is the

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Fan-made video showcases interviews with Lawrence musicians, DJs

It’s hot outside, and some of us are shying away from the outdoors and opting to stay in. Lucky for you, Twitter users oxfordist and


Cowboy Indian Bear gearing up for Daytrotter

Get ready to see some local faces on Daytrotter. Cowboy Indian Bear is stopping by to record a session on Friday. They’ll be making the


Trailer Blazed: Zach Campbell starts new side project

I loved getting roughed up at a good Rooftop Vigilantes show. There was no harder way to rock out in Lawrence. Sadly, the band is


Why the cynics should lay off Kanrocksas

One of my favorite activities nowadays is listening to heated discussions about the upcoming Kanrocksas music festival. I love hearing the good, the bad and


Wayne Coyne makes surprise visit to Love Garden

-by Fally Afani   It was one of those magical moments that could only happen in Lawrence, Kansas. At about 4:30 on Saturday afternoon, Kelly


Hospital Ships teams up with The Hips for album release show

On Friday night the songs inside Love Garden were as steamy as the air outside. Scenesters, decked in their cutoff shorts, arrived at the city’s