We’ve been keeping a close eye on Mr. and the Mrs. over the last year, and on Friday we couldn’t help but notice that the band is now more aggressive than ever.

Their confidence onstage has swelled to epic proportions, appearing like nobody you’d want to tussle with thanks to the wild-eyed mad man on the mic. The duo’s rough-and-tumble tunes makes your hair stand on end. We’re still quite fond of the drummer, who already had a reputation for brutalizing you with those stone-cold eyes and twisted pout. Somehow, she’s grown even more intimidating.

We’re not the only ones taking notice. Folks who came in from the dance floor to grab a drink or use the bathroom never returned outside, opting to stay and watch the band through the end of their performance. By the time the set was over, instant fans were made.

Mr. and the Mrs. is an experience best served live. Here’s a clip from their Friday set.



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