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Photo Gallery: Bummer / Casket Lottery / Abandoncy

In times of uncertainty, it's comforting to be reminded of one constant: Bummer will always put on the wildest displays of raw and unhinged rock
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The Sluts release new track “King Kong”

For those of us who are starved for the rock and roll regiment we normally subscribe to (but can’t due to the quarantine), The Sluts

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Photo Gallery: SLAW / Nerver / Dead Hour Noise

We've never been so happy to lose our hearing. Fans of throbbing bass and amps that are turned up way too loud were thrilled to
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Album Review: BUMMER – “Holy Terror”

Thank God (or Satan, whichever you prefer) for BUMMER. The trio is back with ten assbeaters on Holy Terror, their full-length follow-up to 2015’s Spank.

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Photo Gallery: The Wheelers / My Gold Mask / Arc Flash / Leggy

Because Mark Osman doesn’t have enough jobs, he (once again) popped up in a brand new band over the weekend. This time, he sat in


Ponyboy returns from a dark place

“This next one’s called I hate myself and I wanna die.” Ponyboy went away for a little while. We don’t know where they’ve been, but


The Sluts are Lawrence’s surliest band

The Sluts are a little disgruntled. With lyrics like “I Want You To Die,” it’s not surprising. Their grumpy persona onstage matches their grouchiness offstage.


Watch: The Sluts’ fans are out of their minds

A few years ago, a little-known band called The Sluts took the stage at the Jackpot for their very first show. Nobody knew them, and


JabberJosh PowerPoints you in the right direction

As if their sets weren’t already over the top in terms of humor, JabberJosh has now started adding more elements to their shtick. The brotherly


Watch: Melting Point of Bronze

Metal fans, pay heed to Melting Point of Bronze. The band brutalized the Bottleneck on Saturday night, continuing their reign of terror throughout Lawrence. The