A few years ago, a little-known band called The Sluts took the stage at the Jackpot for their very first show. Nobody knew them, and (to be quite honest) not a lot of people liked them.

But Lawrence soon saw the light. Their shows steadily grew over three years, and so did their fan base. By 2013, they were playing to very full shows at the Jackpot and Replay. By 2014, they were getting noticed in Kansas City and even at the SXSW music festival in Austin, TX.

Just this Summer alone has been a little nuts. When The Sluts play, the fans come out by the dozens ready to rumble. They know every single word to every song that’s played, and beg for more when the set is over. The Sluts’ live performances have become somewhat of a physical affair. Over the course of 40 minutes, sweaty bags of meat tend to slap into one another. It’s also nearly impossible to hear the vocals because all the fans are shouting the lyrics back at the stage.

Below is video montage we made using clips of The Sluts performing at various venues over the past few months. If these types of shows tickle your fancy, you’ll want to see them this Friday, August 22nd, at Liberty Hall for a special edition of Assjamz. They’ll be joined by the very talented Approach, Spencer Brown, and Paper Buffalo.

Enjoy the rowdy (and poorly lit) video below.



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