It’s not every day you get to see a 100% local lineup at Liberty Hall. The iconic Lawrence venue hosted a wide array of musicians for a special edition of Assjamz on Friday. The lineup ranged from rap to folk and everything in between.

The night started with stellar performances from newer acts. It’s hard to think of Paper Buffalo as one of the younger bands in this town, considering their tremendous presence in the scene. Their stellar songwriting sounds like it comes from a crew of seasoned performers. Instead, it comes from a crop of youngins ready to take over the town. Their talents are not to be missed. Spencer Brown, another fresh face in Lawrence, is quickly gaining notoriety for his booming voice and catchy-as-all-hell folk songs. The Sluts, never a disappointment, rocked their way through the evening with loads of new recorded material on the horizon. Approach, ever-the-showman, completely immersed himself into the performance by thrusting himself off the stage and into the crowd, proving once again why he’s one of the top (and most admired) rappers in the state.

Photographer LeRoy Pristach brings us photos from the night below.



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