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The Highs and Lows of Folk Alliance 2023

We haven't been at Folk Alliance since before the pandemic (stupid COVID). But this year, we returned and were pleased to find that not only
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Photo Gallery: Locals shine at Folk Alliance 2018

Calvin Arsenia / Photo by Fally Afani This week folk musicians from across the globe flew into Kansas City to share their musical talents on
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The Country Connection: The Roseline gearing up for Folk Alliance

Colin Halliburton has always been good at toeing the line. As the main man behind The Roseline, he’s managed to toe the line between country

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Photo Gallery: Folk Alliance 2017

One of the first things you notice is the sound. Upon entering the Westin, a grand and spacious hotel in Kansas City, you hear mandolins,
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Watch: Jessica Paige covers Ernie Ford

With this year’s theme at Folk Alliance being “Forbidden Folk,” there were protest songs aplenty. Musicians from across the globe gave renditions of famous protest

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Watch: Victor & Penny at Folk Alliance International

What year is it?? Doesn’t matter. Victor & Penny are timeless. They are perhaps the only retro-jazz-folk act in Kansas City you should be paying

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Kansas City crushes hard on Calvin Arsenia

Wednesday marked the start of Folk Alliance International, a music festival that brings diverse folk acts from across the globe together at the Westin in

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The King and Queen of Audience Interaction: Destroy Nate Allen

Here’s the thing about Destroy Nate Allen: you can’t just watch them perform. The Kansas City-via-Portland duo are loud, boisterous, and completely unavoidable (as many


Freight Train Rabbit Killer is the stuff of nightmares

The nice thing about the Folk Alliance is that it extended to every subgenre possible in folk music. Irish folk, Swedish folk, speed metal bluegrass

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Photo Gallery: The Fashion of Folk Alliance

This may have been a folk festival, but there was hardly a cowboy hat in sight. Folk Alliance wrapped up in Kansas City over the