Here’s the thing about Destroy Nate Allen: you can’t just watch them perform.

The Kansas City-via-Portland duo are loud, boisterous, and completely unavoidable (as many attendees of Folk Alliance learned over the weekend). But most of all, they are consistent. Nate and Tessa Allen have remained loyal to their neon green, hot pink, and obscene orange palette for years– and they have never once dipped on the energy level at their shows.

Don’t feel like exercising? Too bad. You’re getting a workout, starting with squats. Destroy Nate Allen usually tend to pull someone from the audience to lead everyone in a sort of drunken and clumsy jazzercise session, all while lecturing you about eating more vegetables. Our fearless leaders will throw on capes and tambourines and hand everyone their own flag. If you’re good, they might even layer you in glow bracelets. If you find this kind of thing uncomfortable and try to leave, they will block your path and force you to stay and boogie. Hope you brought your dancing shoes!

It’s odd to think of an act like this at Folk Alliance, but consider this an alternative punk rocker’s graceful transition to the acoustic life. This frees up more time and energy for show antics.

You can see video and photos from their set below:

Words and photos by Fally Afani



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