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Photo Gallery: Radkey / Drop A Grand / The Bad Ideas / Wick and the Tricks

Radkey / Photo by Fally Afani Radkey play a lot of good shows, but this was a great one. As one of the region's most
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Photo Gallery: The Gold Web / Drop A Grand

There were a lot of good shows dotting the Downtown Lawrence landscape on Saturday night, but the Jackpot's was by far the funnest. A colorful
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Photo Gallery: Peelander-Z / Drop A Grand / Westerners

Peelander-Z / Photo by Fally Afani It's hard to imagine how a show that already heavily incorporates audience participation can demand even more of those
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Radkey’s Naughty and Nice Xmas Night

Editor's note: Rather than staying snug in his bed with visions of sugar plums in his head, Photographer Leroy Pristach spent Christmas at recordBar for
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Photo Gallery: SXSW 2016

Photos by Fally Afani and Leroy Pristach


Bruiser Queen / Drop A Grand / Schwervon! electrify the Replay

Saturday night’s show at the Replay was not for the faint of heart. I Heart Local Music brought three exciting and vibrant acts together for


Photo Gallery: SXSW 2014

From nationally known acts to local favorites, I Heart Local Music was there to capture it all this year. Acts such as Foster the People


Ultra Bidé / Drop A Grand attack the Replay

by Mitch Jones Step into my time machine. First stop is the Replay last Thursday night. A brigade of masked men exit the bathroom and


Radkey Rocks Sold Out Record Bar with Stiff Middle Fingers and Drop A Grand

“We’re Radkey, it’s cold as fuck outside.” Radkey’s bassist was laying on the charm good and early at their sold out Kansas City show on


The Replay celebrates 20 tenacious years

Congratulations, Replay. Your entertaining, memorable, and shameless good times have officially lasted two decades. What better way to celebrate than with a show just as