“We’re Radkey, it’s cold as fuck outside.” Radkey’s bassist was laying on the charm good and early at their sold out Kansas City show on Friday. He was right, the weather was chilly, foggy, and slick. But inside Record Bar, the air was thick with sweat and excitement.

The event had sold out good and early in the evening, and fans packed in with barely enough room to snap cell phone photos of the show. Despite the heavy attendance, there was still enough room for Stiff Middle Fingers’ frontman to galavant about the place and scale tables and booths (a feat he’s become famous for during their sets). By the time Drop A Grand popped up onstage with their three-ring circus of a set, the place had become so crammed that you could hardly walk from one end to the other. But you could still feel heavy stomping on the ground thanks to Drop A Grand’s frenzied and exciting production.

It took all but a few seconds for Radkey to sound check before just diving into their pageantry. In between songs, the brothers (clad in Superhero t-shirts) took friendly jabs at each other and discussed their highly publicized excitement for The Hobbit. But when they weren’t talking and cracking jokes, they plowed through their songs while contorting heavily about the stage (backbends and rock stances were bountiful on this night). The fans didn’t move along too much (maybe they couldn’t, seeing as how the venue was so full), but they sure liked clapping along to the band’s latest single, “Romance Dawn.”

Radkey then headed out on tour from here to eternity. It’s not entirely sure when Kansas City will see them again, but chances are they’ll continue packing venues, enjoying curse words, and discussing The Hobbit.



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