Folks who hurried downtown for last minute holiday shopping, meetings with old friends, and festive gatherings got an extra little treat this year when some musicians from Americana Music Academy hit the streets for a little Christmas caroling.

The group features fiddlers, pluckers, and singers donning their gay apparel while delivering holiday cheer to random audiences. You’ll notice famous fiddler about town Steve Mason (of the Alferd Packer Memorial String Band) leading the group. It’s impressive how intently the Academy works with people of all ages from all backgrounds who want to dive into music. Even young children can pick up pint-sized violins and participate in events like this.

Below is video from their stop at the Eldridge hotel, where the sound of their jingling bells rang throughout the hallway and pulled in spectators from their libations at the bar. If you’d like to learn more about Americana Music Academy, click here.



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