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Shows are finally fully reemerging across Lawrence

We’re finally seeing an upward trend in the local music scene. Tours are cancelling less due to COVID, and even the local shows are popping

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Introducing: The Frightened Stag

It's been a long time (stupid COVID) since we've gotten to introduce a new band to the scene. That dry spell ends today with the
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Our Top 5 favorite holiday parties of Christmases past

By now, you’re probably longing to be dazzled and delighted by all the magic the holiday season has to offer. A little party never hurt

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Photo Gallery: Fiendstivus 2019

While Downtown was a feverishly busy landscape on the final Friday before Christmas, a calmer and more serene event attracted music lovers to East Lawrence.
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Merry Christmas, from Serene Fiend and I Heart Local Music

It’s the most wonderful time of the year– and this year we’re fiending the holiday spirit with local goth Serene Fiend. The synth-heavy local act

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Every living member of the Alferd Packer Memorial String Band got together for their 40th anniversary

The Alferd Packer Memorial String Band may just be Lawrence's longest running band-- and on Saturday night, a rare and exceptional event brought to light
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Silent Night: Serene Fiend strips down for acoustic holiday showcase

It was all class at the Cider Gallery when one of Lawrence's loudest synth bands stripped down for an acoustic holiday show. Serene Fiend's Joel
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Where are the holiday parties at? A local music guide.

‘Tis the season for Festive Affairs, Christmas Celebrations, and belligerent blowouts! If you play your cards right, they could arrive in that order. The finish

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Girls Rock! Campers still rocking out, releasing original music this weekend

It seems I can’t go two weeks without hearing from someone about the positive, lingering effects of Girls Rock! Camp. Now, once again, young women