Local rapper MilkDrop just released a video for his latest single “Theme Music.” Once again, the video comes to us from Director Barrel Maker— a rapper and a video mastermind who has helped direct videos for Approach and Stik Figa. This video is one long continuous tracking shot following MilkDrop around as he spits out his lyrics, occasionally interacting with Approach.

Set amidst a barren and destructive landscape (a torn down strip mall in Leavenworth), the video features the dynamic duo behaving quite normally. They’re sitting in recliners and lawn chairs, next to a brewing pot of coffee, reading the paper and (as is always in MilkDrop videos) going through their records. The reason for this theme comes from the famous words of Approach, “When it all falls apart, we are still here working.”

You can watch the video below



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