This is a pretty great week for Lincoln Marshall. The duo consisting of local rappers Approach and MilkDrop will be part of the locals opening for Talib Kweli at the Granada this weekend. So, in anticipation, they just released a new music video.

The one-take shoot features Approach and MilkDrop digging up records in the woods, looking for hidden gems while Approach announces “We’re digging through the unified stacks, trying to find where the records have fat.” The video and lyrics make sense, if you know that Approach is quite the music lover with a fairly impressive record collection. “Dirt” is an ode to that adoration (and slight obsession).

To our delight, the video comes to us from director Barrel Maker. The rapper tends to make stunning and visually appealing videos, and has worked with Approach on videos in the past, as well as Stik Figa.

Enjoy the video below. We’re told it was hot as hell the day of the shoot. Keep an eye out for Approach’s partner-in-crime, DJ GTrain. He makes a brief appearance in a mask.



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