Just a few weeks ago, we introduced you to Molly Gene, One Whoaman Band. Not too much time has passed, but it’s time to get familiar with her again.

She stopped by the Replay, this time for an early show on Friday with Tyler Gregory. Hands down, this should be one of the folk/bluegrass acts on your radar this year. She’s from Warrensburg, Mo., but frequents these parts often. She will most likely come back again.

She kicks, she screams, she makes herself heard. Molly Gene is not a woman you can ignore. She bends the rules a little bit, never really obeying the habits of any one genre. Molly is also starting to get just a tiny bit more attention with every visit. It won’t be long before everybody starts to catch on to this woman and her brazen talent.

Here’s what she sounded like at the Replay on Friday evening:

Words and photos by Fally Afani



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