Skating Polly returns to the Replay this Friday, and we caught up with the young rockers down in Austin at this year’s SXSW music festival.

Despite hailing from Oklahoma, they’ve made it a point to regularly appear in Lawrence over the last year, drawing a larger crowd with each passing show. The girls are currently on tour, and on Friday they’ll be hitting up the popular local venue with Burger Records’ White Fang.


Skating Polly band has majestically churned out one song after another since 2009– all equal parts punk, pop, and angst. From Lost Wonderfuls to Fuzz Steilacoom, the teenage sisterly duo discussed their evolving sound and how their fans are keeping up with their ever-changing rhythms (and minds). The gritty girls with a heart of gold also dived into their love for Lawrence, and told us what keeps them coming back.

Video below:



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