It’s good to know that Mat Shoare is still as active as ever. The Empty Spaces frontman is now developing his music and transitioning to a solo career, but brought along a team of musicians to the Replay on Friday night to play as The Mat Shoare band.

The popular Kansas City-based songwriter has one of the most attractive voices in the area. It’s abrasive in the same manner that Jack White’s is, yet still so calm and collected (much like his personality). Additionally, Shoare’s vocals are powered by a force, allowing him to wail in a manner that puts Hamilton Leithauser to shame.

He treated the Replay to heart-wrenching lyrics that are so relatable and often times remind us of our own inhibitions and insecurities. Here’s a sample of that voice we’re so fond of these days:

Words and photos by Fally Afani



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