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Folk Alliance kicks off in Kansas City

“Would you like a song where someone’s mean to someone else, or where someone’s dying?” That question, smirkingly posed by Curtis McMurty, is sometimes the


Helen Kelter Skelter is everything that’s cool about rock and roll

You know, we were supposed to have the night off on Saturday. But we experienced a band so superb, we really can’t keep this secret

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Broncho to return with new record, new attitude

The Jackpot recently started framing flyers for their most memorable shows in recent history. Smack dab in the middle of them is one of Broncho’s


Skating Polly Loves Lawrence

Skating Polly returns to the Replay this Friday, and we caught up with the young rockers down in Austin at this year’s SXSW music festival.


Evangelicals / The Caves / Companion bewitch the Replay

While the super moon drew Lawrencians to the outside dance floor at the Replay, an equally bewitching show appealed to music lovers inside. Three acts


Raw Rockers Skating Polly Coming to the Replay

Music surrounds the lives of the girls behind the righteous rock group Skating Polly. When we talked to stepsisters Kelli Mayo, 13, and Peyton Bighorse,