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Watch: Los Subtropicales at the Replay

Ope, you caught us! We snuck out of Kaw River Roots Fest to catch Kansas City salsa group Los Subtropicales. Braving the hefty door fee
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Photo Gallery: Approach / Brotha Newz / Mensa Deathsquad

Approach celebrated his birthday over the weekend by playing his first show since the pandemic. The lively and energetic MC pulled out all the stops
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Local bartender is in a band, starts making drinks named after bands

If you’ve ever sipped on some booze, but wished it tasted more like a sweaty punk rocker or a bearded bluegrass musician, you’re in luck.

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Photo Gallery: Bruiser Queen / Wick and the Tricks / Lovergurl

Lovergurl received a fine Lawrence sendoff along with lineup mates (and longtime glam band buds) Wick and the Tricks at the Replay on Friday. Bruiser
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Photo Gallery: Pink Fuzz / V I S I T O R / LYXE

Pink Fuzz / Photo by Fally Afani Pink Fuzz is to Lawrence what Keanu Reeves is to the Summer of 2019-- a source of thrills
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Photo Gallery: St. Patio Show at the Replay

There's no one first sign of Spring in Lawrence. Rather, it's a culmination of signs-- Tulips peeking out of the ground, a mighty wind pushing
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Watch: Hadiza at the Replay

Thursday night brought a little treat to the Replay via one of Kansas City’s newest residents. Hadiza, a songwriter who just moved to the area

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Watch: Iris Elke at the Replay

Just listening to Iris Hyde's lyrics, you wouldn't believe all that heartache and melody could come out of someone just beginning to blossom in the