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Lawrence musicians join Dressy Bessy onstage

You have to be a very bold (and skilled) musician to pull this off. Dressy Bessy / Photo by Fally Afani On Friday night, Dressy
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Photo Gallery: Bummer / Stiff Middle Fingers / The Sluts

Stiff Middle Fingers / Photo by Fally Afani Just a few days after Halloween, music fans found another energy reserve to party at the Replay
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Sax Appeal: The Everymen are one of the partiest bands in the biz

We'd like to think that any friend of Gnarly Davidson's is a friend of ours, and The Everymen have been pretty good friends to them.
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Album Review: Red Kate – “unamerican activities”

by Nathan Cardiff There are few constants in this life, but one thing is for damn sure: Red Kate are never gonna stop fighting. The


Unspoken Community: Stiff Middle Fingers to play four shows in four cities on Saturday

The first time we saw Stiff Middle Fingers, the punk band’s frontman was stuck the to the tinted glass windows of the Replay, like a

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Album Review: Sugar Britches – “Quit Yer Britchin'”

If you like mild mannered women, this album isn’t for you. If you enjoy damsels with an adventurous sense of humor, then kindly make your


Watch: Shy Boys at the Replay

Well, boo. Summer is almost over, and to be honest it went by a little too fast. School’s about to start, Downtown is about to


Introducing: Voyager

We have found Gnarly Davidson’s evil twin, and his name is Voyager. This trio of sludge-rockers is working the town into a frenzy. Their Replay


The dog days of the Lawrence rock scene have arrived

Now that all the festivals and special events have died down, it’s time to enjoy the finer points of the rock scene in Lawrence. These