What a delightful poster they've drawn up to promote the Whatever Forever Label Launch Party

The folks behind the Whatever Forever label can throw a pretty vicious shindig. They’re the ones responsible for the Pizza Power parties and those fantastic shows in the ditch we keep hearing about (the Church of Malt Liquor). If you’re not really into rocking out in the mud, then you’re in luck. On Thursday, they’re taking it a step up and throwing a big old party at the Taproom (don’t go thinking they’re getting classy on us, you still technically have to go underground to watch the show).
The label is responsible for some pretty fantastically hairy music. You’ve got to have balls to listen to this stuff, and even bigger balls to go see it in person. On Thursday you can expect to see Oils (a two-man ass-kicking), Agent X-12, This is My Condition (a one-man ass kicking) and Dean Monkey and the Dropouts (this is the doo wop group that sang in their underwear at that show in the ditch).

You can always keep up with the label on their website, and expect more rocking live shows from the Pizza Power party planners on June 3rd and June 19th. But for now, prepare for a fantastic ruckus on Thursday.