Well, it appears our good friends over at Pizza Power got into some legal trouble (see: noise complaint), and shows will not be happening at that house for a bit. But fear not, the good folks behind the delicious, pizza-filled house shows are still bringing some great music to Lawrence.

They’ve temporarily set up shop at Mirth, 745 New Hampshire.  Here are some shows they have coming up:

  • June 3: Yuppies (NE) / High Diving Ponies (KC) / Solid Attitudes (IA)
  • June 19: Expo 70 / Umberto / Bo and the Locomotive (STL) / Zuululuuz (KC)

If heading down to Mirth really isn’t your thing, they’ve also got these shows coming up:

  • May 26 at the Taproom: Whatever Forever Label launch party with Karma Vision / Agent X-12 / Oils
  • June 10 at the Replay: Karma Vision / Noah’s Ark Was A Spaceship

At all shows, they’ll be accepting donations to help them tackle that extremely hefty noise complaint fine (just above $800). No word on when they’ll be back up and running at a new location.



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  • Scary Manilow, May 5, 2011 @ 9:01 am

    The old man that calls in these noise complaints is really destroying all of the fun on our block.

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