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Introducing: SLAW

You're driving through the desert at 100 mph. The sky is green. The mountains are on fire. You look over to see who's in your
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Gnarly Davidson bid farewell by blowing the roof off two venues

Gnarly Davidson / Photo by Fally Afani It's hard to write stories like these, ones where you say goodbye to a Lawrence institution, but it's

The Top 10 Most Badass Things We Saw From Local Bands in 2015

Earlier this week, we told you about the ballsiest moves we saw from touring bands. It included anything from Mothercoat’s unforgettable Replay set to Viet

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Album Review: Gnarly Davidson – “Gnarly Davidson”

by Nathan Cardiff At just shy of 24 minutes, Gnarly Davidson’s debut release is either a full length, an EP, or a single. It is


Grumpy Old Men: JabberJosh receive fine send-off for final show

To know a Gunnerson brother is to know live music in this town. In fact, one of the best things to every happen to local


Radkey returns to the Replay and rocks the fuck out

If you’ve ever thought the Replay felt like family, you’re right. Friday night’s show featured two sets of siblings rocking the venue to its very


JabberJosh PowerPoints you in the right direction

As if their sets weren’t already over the top in terms of humor, JabberJosh has now started adding more elements to their shtick. The brotherly


The Replay sends off JabberJosh in style

Everybody’s favorite hardcore sibling rockers are taking a short break from the Lawrence scene, and on Saturday they went out with a bang when they


JabberJosh is the musical equivalent of running the 40 yard dash

by Nicholas Stahl   The population of Lawrence, Kansas, is quickly growing. Hordes of people are flocking towards the blue beacon of light, engulfed in