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Photo Gallery: Nik Parr and the Selfless Lovers / Jackoffs / LYXE

Nik Parr and the Selfless Lovers / Photo by Fally Afani Note to anyone wanting to start a band out there: add a sax, because
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Photo Gallery: OK O’Clock / LYXE / Vantablack

While the scene is slow to recover as the world deals with Omicron ripping through everything nice, it's good to know that you can still
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The Sluts release new track “King Kong”

For those of us who are starved for the rock and roll regiment we normally subscribe to (but can’t due to the quarantine), The Sluts

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Listen: The Sluts release new EP

We absolutely loathe nostalgia, until it’s done properly. This is where The Sluts excel. They’ve taken everything likable about mid-90’s rock and turned it into


The Sluts are Lawrence’s surliest band

The Sluts are a little disgruntled. With lyrics like “I Want You To Die,” it’s not surprising. Their grumpy persona onstage matches their grouchiness offstage.

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Album Review: The Sluts – “Virile”

Editor’s introduction: A little over two years ago, we walked into the Jackpot expecting to cover An Horse on their tour. But when a brand


The Sluts / Bruiser Queen / Black on Black pack a punch at the I Heart Local Music showcase

If you’ve been wondering what happened to fun in this town, it was alive and well at the Jackpot on Saturday night. I Heart Local


Media Mashup with: Ryan Wise

Name: Ryan Wise Band: The Sluts (Guitar / Vocals) Book: Narcissus and Goldmund (Herman Hesse) “It’s a coming of age tale, and Hesse is really