While the scene is slow to recover as the world deals with Omicron ripping through everything nice, it’s good to know that you can still find good music lingering about and holding on for dear life. The Replay played host to such an event with a solid rock show on Friday night. It’s easy to get burned out on the all-too-mellow dream pop that’s plagued the scene pre-COVID. That’s why it was absolutely necessary to experience this supremely cool show (and don’t you just miss cool shows?).

Vantablack started the night off with major Big Black Delta vibes. The one-man-act, courtesy Kyle Gowdy (of Mouthbreathers) featured deliciously moody electronic sounds layered with his nonchalant vocals and beats that move your body (think the soundtrack to “Drive” but without the pretentiousness or any of those hideous Scorpion jackets).

He was followed by LYXE, a side project from The Sluts’ Ryan Wise. With LYXE, we get to hear an expanded rock palette from Wise that we don’t always get from The Sluts, leaving room for guitar solos and a deeper exploration of rock. Partnered with a solid rhythm section and an eternally optimistic and charming bassist, the band is filling the need for that new wave sound the scene is so badly desiring right now (video below).

The night rounded out with Kansas City’s OK O’Clock, a blessing of a band for anyone who’s missed genuine indie rock. They delivered, and could signal a return to seeing the genre in the forefront of the local scene (we can always dream).



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