Ryan Wise shows pride in his movie selection
Name: Ryan Wise

Band: The Sluts (Guitar / Vocals)

Book: Narcissus and Goldmund (Herman Hesse)

“It’s a coming of age tale, and Hesse is really good at painting things with his words. A lot of the book about sex, and he’s very poetic about that subject. ”

Movie: Brazil

“I like Terry Gilliam films to begin with. It’s thick with social satire, social commentary. I like that. It’s kind of dark too.”

Video Game: Galaga (Arcade Game)

“I never play it at home, some place like a bar or something, or a laundromat. I’m really good at games that start off slow and get faster. I played it when I was little, so it’s a nostalgia thing for me, I guess.”

Website: HBOGo.com

“It’s the whole channel. Every series they ever put out you can watch it there. I watch Boardwalk Empire pretty religiously.”



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