Helen Kelter Skelter is everything that’s cool about rock and roll

You know, we were supposed to have the night off on Saturday. But we experienced a band so superb, we really can’t keep this secret


No one is safe from Peelander-Z

On Monday night the weather changed so harshly and dramatically, it would take only the best show to bring folks out of their cozy homes

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Photo Gallery: The Sluts / The Quivers / Dean Monkey and the Dropouts

Words and photos by Leroy Pristach Balloons, streamers, and confetti abound last Friday night at The Replay Lounge. Nope, it wasn’t New Years Eve. You


The Wheelers deliver ear-splitting, destructive performance at the Replay

We can’t remember the last time we saw a band doing warmup stretches onstage just prior to their set. But this was no Jane Fonda


The Fabulous Thunderbirds / Cowboy Indian Bear rock The Sandbar Block Party

If you hadn’t noticed The Sandbar’s Subshop brand popping up everywhere around Larryville before Saturday there’s no way you could miss it after their 5th


The Sluts / Bruiser Queen / Black on Black pack a punch at the I Heart Local Music showcase

If you’ve been wondering what happened to fun in this town, it was alive and well at the Jackpot on Saturday night. I Heart Local


The Adventure Ends: Rooftop Vigilantes to play final show

For a band with such a wild and complicated musical history, playing music doesn’t even come close to being the most memorable part of the


Many Moods of Dad astonishes audience with bombshell performance

When your local music-loving self needs a solid ass kicking, the Replay is the place to be. On Friday, Many Moods of Dad delivered that

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Album Review: Black on Black – “Let’s Get Cynical”

by Nathan Cardiff After the brief feedback subsides at the beginning of the record, we plunge into Black on Black’s newest EP Let’s Get Cynical.


The Darkness gives KC the business

“We are The Darkness from the UK, and we are here on fucking BUSINESS!” Justin Hawkins, the frontman for the ruckus-inducing epic rock band couldn’t