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Turnstile likely played Lawrence’s best show of the year

Turnstile Fans / Photo by Fally Afani Let's all raise our glasses and offer up a toast for the staff at the Granada, for they
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Photo Gallery: SLAW / Nerver / Dead Hour Noise

We've never been so happy to lose our hearing. Fans of throbbing bass and amps that are turned up way too loud were thrilled to
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The Greatest Showmen: The Hives and Refused thrill Liberty Hall

It's simple science, really. When you're presented with a force born from a high-density and high-temperature state, you get the big bang. The same theory
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Introducing: Brain Worms

Lawrence doesn't have dick for hardcore bands, but every now and then we get a few bones tossed our way. Brain Worms debuted at the
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The Top Ten Most Badass Things We Saw From Local Bands in 2017

Last week we went over the top ten most badass things we saw in live music, but with touring bands. Today, we’re going over the


Iron Guts Kelly

Genre: Punk, Hard Rock Members: Sean Riley, Shawn Reynolds, Robert “Boj” Stevens, Josh Leon Website:

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Photo Gallery: Sheer Mag / Laffing Gas / The Whiffs / Nancy Boys

Sheer Mag is one of the only great American rock bands of this generation. The Philadelphia rockers blew through the Bottleneck, much to the delight
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Photo Gallery: The Replay celebrates 4/20 with unruly show

If you’re prone to celebrating high times with your buds (heh), then Thursday’s Replay show is probably where you ended up. The venue switched their
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Nancy Boys release new music

Shortly after their explosive entrance into the Lawrence punk and hardcore scene, Nancy Boys have already released a set of tracks with Negative Nancies. A


Night of hardcore antics erupt at the Replay

Nothing could have prepared us for the monumental moments that occurred on Saturday night. With it being the very last Saturday before Christmas, Lawrence was