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After hiatus, Datura Records releases new music with MilkDrop

Datura Records, the label behind Approach and his wide network of local talent, hasn’t necessarily been laying low over the last year. Rather, the label

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Ricky Roosevelt debuts new album with Tione

It’s hard to keep tabs on anyone in the Vivid Zebra collective. The hip-hop artists blew into Lawrence like a storm, introducing the masses to

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Review: Carswell & Hope – “Exit Plan” EP

Carswell & Hope’s latest EP opens with the locomotive chug of “Cordelia,” a song so thick with tension you could cut it with… well Nick

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Review: The Wandering Lake – “The Wandering Lake” EP

by Nathan Cardiff As a preview for their forthcoming full-length (titled Wend To Why), The Wandering Lake has released a four track EP to accompany

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Review: Spencer Mackenzie Brown – “Part One” EP

by Nathan Cardiff Spencer Brown is a folk mastermind. His wonderful EP Part One is five tracks of stunning musicianship, strong vocals, and stellar lyrics.

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Album Review: Cowboy Indian Bear – “Vandeventer” EP

by Nathan Cardiff A year has passed since Cowboy Indian Bear’s full length Live Old, Die Young was released, winning over fans (new and old)

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Review: Westerners – “Westerners” EP

by Nathan Cardiff “And if you said the devil was after me/I’d say it’s nice to be wanted by somebody.” Whoa. Great lyrics like these

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Review: Black On Black – “Get On With It”

by Nathan Cardiff In what I would’ve wagered to be an almost impossible move, Black On Black have released an EP that manages to be

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Album Review: Hidden Pictures – “Where Does the Story Go?” EP

by Nathan Cardiff In June I wrote a review for Sister Wife, a three track EP from Hidden Pictures. I ended the article by saying

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by Nathan Cardiff With a vicious guitar and a soothing “Yeah yeah,” Oils’ first EP begins with a tremendous track titled “The Town.” Forget trying