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Ricky Roosevelt debuts new album with Tione

It’s hard to keep tabs on anyone in the Vivid Zebra collective. The hip-hop artists blew into Lawrence like a storm, introducing the masses to

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Review: Carswell & Hope – “Exit Plan” EP

Carswell & Hope’s latest EP opens with the locomotive chug of “Cordelia,” a song so thick with tension you could cut it with… well Nick

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Review: The Wandering Lake – “The Wandering Lake” EP

by Nathan Cardiff As a preview for their forthcoming full-length (titled Wend To Why), The Wandering Lake has released a four track EP to accompany

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Review: Spencer Mackenzie Brown – “Part One” EP

by Nathan Cardiff Spencer Brown is a folk mastermind. His wonderful EP Part One is five tracks of stunning musicianship, strong vocals, and stellar lyrics.

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Album Review: Cowboy Indian Bear – “Vandeventer” EP

by Nathan Cardiff A year has passed since Cowboy Indian Bear’s full length Live Old, Die Young was released, winning over fans (new and old)

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Review: Westerners – “Westerners” EP

by Nathan Cardiff “And if you said the devil was after me/I’d say it’s nice to be wanted by somebody.” Whoa. Great lyrics like these

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Review: Black On Black – “Get On With It”

by Nathan Cardiff In what I would’ve wagered to be an almost impossible move, Black On Black have released an EP that manages to be

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Album Review: Hidden Pictures – “Where Does the Story Go?” EP

by Nathan Cardiff In June I wrote a review for Sister Wife, a three track EP from Hidden Pictures. I ended the article by saying

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by Nathan Cardiff With a vicious guitar and a soothing “Yeah yeah,” Oils’ first EP begins with a tremendous track titled “The Town.” Forget trying

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Album Review: Doby Watson and Margo May – “Watson & May”

by Nathan Cardiff It’s always a pleasure when two strong songwriters play on the same bill. House show or big venue, sometimes you get lucky