by Nathan Cardiff

“And if you said the devil was after me/I’d say it’s nice to be wanted by somebody.” Whoa. Great lyrics like these keep Westerners self-titled EP hopping the line between fun rock ‘n’ roll and folky sorrow; the first two tracks fall under the former. “Ugly Girls in Pretty Shoes” with its catchy group chorus and shimmering guitars are destined for radio play. The rough vocals give the songs their tinge of sadness to balance out the good mood the music puts you in; their description of normalcy (“It falls into place as expected/It falls into place like Tetris”) and predicability in life gets blown apart with their cool delivery.

The latter two tracks focus on their Americana side. “Broken Bells” is a foot-stomping crowd pleaser with furious drumming shaking you after the smooth guitar opener. The song prompts you to start singing with “everyone in the backyard” and there is no doubt in my mind you will join in. The bluesy “Dog Days” closes this excellent EP; letting the guitar solo soar. Westerners is an awesome album and these four songs are the beginning of something great. Break the routine like they have and enjoy yourself.

Favorite Tracks: “Ugly Girls In Pretty Shoes” & “Broken Bells”

by Nathan Cardiff

Editor’s note: You can see Westerners at the Jackpot on April 18.



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