by Nathan Cardiff

In what I would’ve wagered to be an almost impossible move, Black On Black have released an EP that manages to be grittier and grimier than their previous two releases (both in the past twelve months). I don’t mean this as an insult to either 2012’s Help Yourself or this past Spring’s Let’s Get Cynical (both excellent), but as a way to categorize the sprint race that is Get On With It. And when I say sprint race, I mean just that; the five tracks clock in at a brief twelve minutes. Somehow this EP is more raw than its predecessors, more brutal, more rough around the edges. Like I said, coming from one of the most hard hitting bands around, this seemed an impossible move. Wade Kelly’s vocals sound like he’s got sparks flying from his mouth; he grinds up the lyrics and spits them out at us with a commanding snarl. The distortion of his voice gives an eerie echo ringing over the instruments. The guitars and drums thrash full speed with a purpose; they’re not here to mess around. Black On Black’s mission is to rip rock ‘n’ roll apart and Get On With It gets right to it.

The record lets the feedback and squeals give it an extra layer of filth on their dirty journey with “Fork In The Road.” It’s us vs. them and thankfully we’ve got Black On Black on our side. The song shifts and turns on a pin, not sitting still for a second. Don’t let the title confuse you; they blaze their own trail. The punk anthems “Made To Suffer” and “The Good Fight” keep a slight pop sensibility and aren’t afraid to be songs as catchy as they are aggressive.

Get On With It ends with the thumping “Breaking Apart,” a song that dares you to follow its lead until it shatters all over. Black On Black break the tradition of the last two releases that ended with “slower” (I use this word in the loosest possible way) songs, with the killer “Car Fire.” The final blow that knocks you flat, this track is as aggressive as its title; an explosion leaving only the simmering remnants behind. But unlike a real car fire, Get On With It stays intact. Nothing could destroy the strength of this record.

Favorite Tracks: “Made To Suffer” & “Breaking Apart”

by Nathan Cardiff

Editor’s Note: You can watch Black On Black perform these songs at their release show this Friday at the Replay. You can RSVP to the event by clicking here.



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