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Photo Gallery: SXSW 2013

Photos by Fally Afani, Mitch Jones, and Lillian Wright Smith.


Watch: CS Luxem’s captivating performance at SeedCo

SeedCo just wrapped up an incredibly busy week hosting several in-studio performances. They moved the stage to the lower level, and audiences are now surrounded


Brownbackistan explodes onto the scene with politically-charged performance

“Good evening, we’re Brownbackistan. Who the fuck are you?” There’s a new Dead Kennedys cover band in town, and on Saturday night they absolutely rocked


Automagik is the best band you’ve never heard of

If you’re a fan of flailing, rocking out, and squealing vocals, look no further than Automagik. The fairly young band out of Cincinnati made a


Icky Blossoms bring throbbing dance party to SXSW

by Lillian Wright Smith No one told the Icky Blossoms that Wednesday is supposed to be a low-key night at SXSW.   As part of


Watch: Rev Gusto at SXSW

Rev Gusto came out with infectious energy Wednesday as part of the Midcoast Takeover showcase at the Shangri La in Austin, TX. Just as the


Photo Gallery: Quiet Corral / The Envy Corps / The Noise FM

Three bands consisting of some boisterous boys came together at the Bottleneck on Friday night and delivered a delightfully engaging show to a large and


Broncho, Skating Polly deliver aggressive set at the Riot Room

by Fally Afani If you’re not a fan of the Grammys, then the Riot Room was the place to be on Sunday night. The Empty


The Darkness gives KC the business

“We are The Darkness from the UK, and we are here on fucking BUSINESS!” Justin Hawkins, the frontman for the ruckus-inducing epic rock band couldn’t


Photo Gallery: Bloc Party / IO Echo at Liberty Hall

Bloc Party brought life to a cold Sunday night in Lawrence when they rocked the stage at Liberty Hall. They toured alongside IO Echo, who