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Introducing: Harper K and Giovanni Ventello

One of the best signs that the music scene is in full swing post-pandemic is the emergence of new bands. On Friday night, The Jazzhaus
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Watch: Local musicians draw attention to historic spaces during the pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many iconic locations in Lawrence had to shut their doors to the public. That included historic spaces like museums and

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Photo Gallery: New Obsessions / Various Blonde / CS Luxem

An exhilarating night erupted at the Replay on Friday thanks to bands taking their musical ability to new heights and thinking outside of the box.
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Photo Gallery: Maria the Mexican / CS Luxem at the Bottleneck

Maria the Mexican / Photo by Fally Afani Lawrence has its fair share of rowdy rock and wild punk shows, but every now and then
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CS Luxem celebrates long-awaited release with joyful Bottleneck show

It seems like the Lawrence scene has been waiting about 70 years, but on Saturday night CS Luxem finally released one of the most anticipated
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Local musicians jam out with Dad at Father’s Day show

Matt and Lily Pryor While many Dads were unwrapping ties and reading Father's Day cards on Sunday, a few local musicians were getting ready to

Complicated Creatures: Lawrence musicians plan David Bowie tribute

You could say Chris Luxem has been a lifelong fan of David Bowie. When he was in 2nd grade, he used to go over to


Drummer Diligence: Why Mark Osman could be the busiest drummer you know

Never has there been a more admired drummer in the current local music scene than Mark Osman. All the drummers here are top notch, but


Watch: CS Luxem at the Replay

It wouldn’t be a proper Lawrence summer if we didn’t check in with CS Luxem. We found him in his natural habitat at the Replay