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National and local meet for Taking Back Sunday

by Lillian Wright Smith Taking Back Sunday’s Tell All Your Friends was beloved by a generation of kids in the early aughts. So the group decided

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Watch: Interview with YACHT in Lawrence

YACHT has played at the Jackpot a few times by now — in 2007, when the band was just Jona Bechtolt; in 2009, after Claire

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Middle of the Map Fest: The Interviews

We have just one more video to pass along to you from Middle of the Map Fest. The music festival was so fantastic, it warrants

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Freak out like it’s 1992: Unicycle Loves You coming to Lawrence, KC

When Unicycle Loves You comes through Kansas City’s Middle of the Map festival this weekend, the last thing you should expect out of them is

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Why you should see Hooray For Earth at Middle of the Map fest

If there’s one band you dare not miss at Kansas City’s upcoming Middle of the Map festival, it’s Hooray For Earth. The New York-based band

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Jockin’ My Fresh 3 documentary to be released

If you were at this year’s installment of Jockin’ My Fresh, you were treated to some of the best hip hop in the area. The

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Kanrocksas to return in 2013

One of the biggest festivals of the year will be returning, but it’s not happening until 2013. Festival organizers say the delay comes thanks to

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Help fund local documentary on legendary venue

Get ready for a kick-ass blast from the past.   A local documentary crew has been hard at work creating a documentary about Lawrence’s most

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Media Mashup with: Taylor Holenbeck

Name: Taylor Holenbeck Band: Colony Collapse / Heartscape Landbreak / Hospital Ships / The Appleseed Cast / Old Canes Book: East of Eden (John Steinbeck)

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Album Review: Extra Classic – Your Light Like White Lightning, Your Light Like A Laser Beam

by Peter Adany Your Light Like White Lightning, Your Light Like A Laser Beam is an amazing sounding debut album from San Francisco and Lawrence-based