Photos by Greg Blair
Get ready for a kick-ass blast from the past.
A local documentary crew has been hard at work creating a documentary about Lawrence’s most famous punk rock venue. From 1985 to 1997, The Outhouse hosted some of the most brutal bands in punk rock history. Now, thanks to oodles of interviews, live footage, flyers and photos, the story of the legendary underground venue will be played out in a documentary.
Production on the film started last summer, but raising money wasn’t the first thing on filmmaker Brad Norman’s mind when he started the project. With help through Kickstarter, you can help bring the film to fruition.
Norman has been busy gathering footage and interviews for the documentary, and his work is far from over. The filmmaker plans to travel in L.A., San Francisco and the Bay Area to conduct interviews with even more bands who played The Outhouse.
You can find out more about the project, including a constant stream of updates, by clicking here. Don’t forget to donate on their kickstarter page!



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