Kanrocksas plans to return in 2013
One of the biggest festivals of the year will be returning, but it’s not happening until 2013. Festival organizers say the delay comes thanks to a major construction project at the Kansas Speedway this summer. That means they’ll have more time to plan a bigger event, and organizers say they’re planning to work with local communities.
Last year the festival drew big names like The Black Keys, Muse, and OK Go; but it also called upon several local promoters and local bands (Hearts of Darkness, Fourth of July) to make the event a success. Organizers want that same partnership in 2013. According to a news release, organizers say they will “continue to grow and expand the brand with big-name acts, added amenities and trending technological features.”
So if you love festivals in your own backyard, you’ll have to wait an entire year for the return of Kanrocksas. But it sounds like they’re going to try and utilize both local and national resources again. The best we can ask for is an event that draws national attention and puts our local community and musicians in the spotlight at the same time.

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