From the funeral home to The Riot Room, Young Widows prepare for Kansas City

If you’re the type who might enjoy a face-melting night of rock, look no further than The Riot Room in Kansas City on Thursday. Young

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Album Review: Chrissy Murderbot – Women’s Studies

Editor’s Note: Chrissy Murderbot is a KC native who now resides in Chicago. He spent years DJing in the Lawrence and Kansas City area. Peter


The Magentlemen

When I walked into the Replay on Friday night, I wasn’t planning on working. I didn’t want to review a show, I just wanted to


Whatever Forever launches label with intensely bizarre party

When I rounded the corner of the Taproom to get to the staircase on Thursday night, I immediately stopped in my tracks. The entrance was


Whatever Forever plans wicked label launch party

The folks behind the Whatever Forever label can throw a pretty vicious shindig. They’re the ones responsible for the Pizza Power parties and those fantastic


Sam Billen releases remixes, covers

I love Sam Billen for a number of reasons. He’s been involved with projects that I love (The Billions), he puts out adorable Christmas albums


Here I am, rock you like a hurricane: Lawrence bands weather the storm for Spring into Summer Fest

-by Fally Afani   The moment The Hips started playing as the first band at Spring into Summer fest, tornado sirens started sounding in the


Local music event of the year: Spring into Summer Fest

Saturday will probably go down as the local music event of the year in Lawrence. In a beautifully and hectically arranged evening, scores of bands


New music video: Stik Figa and D/Will

Man, I love me some Stik Figa. He’s charming as hell, and there’s always something for everyone during his energetic and magnetic live shows. Joshua


Tales from the road: Hospital Ships plays Austin City Limits

Wednesday is a big day for local wonders Hospital Ships. The band is skyrocketing to fame, and on the way they stopped by Austin City