We were delighted like crazy to see this brand new music video pop up on stereogum today. It’s for a track off of Hospital Ships’ new album, Lonely Twin (coming soon!), and features home videos from the band’s head honcho Jordan Geiger.

I remember sitting down at La Prima Tazza one day in the Fall just before Geiger moved to New York for a few weeks. He played me these home videos, and told me the story behind different family members featured in the video. Some play instruments, some twirl batons and most know how to cut a rug. It was a wonderful, heartfelt moment, and I truly enjoyed getting to know the family behind the musician a little bit more.

Now you can get to know his family a little bit more, too:

Hospital Ships – “Reprise” from stereogum on Vimeo.

Note: This is by far our favorite track to watch the band play live. It rocks your face off.



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