We love a band full of antics– and no band in this area is overflowing with antics quite like Stiff Middle Fingers.

If you will recall, the punk rockers recently pulled a stunt of physical extremes when they played four shows in four cities in one day. They started the morning in Manhattan, the afternoon in Topeka, the evening in Lawrence, and the night in Kansas City (you can read all about it here). But at their Replay show, they attached a GoPro camera to vocalist Travis Arey’s mic. What resulted was a front row seat to all his antics. The man, known for donning an inexplicably long mic cord, always leaves the stage and even sprints outside for his sets. In this clip they just released on Thursday, you get to go along for the ride.

You can watch the clip below, then catch their antics in real life Friday night at the Jackpot for I Heart Local Music’s “SXSW Bound.”



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