by Nathan Cardiff

Recently, The Dead Girls celebrated their tenth anniversary as a band. The last album we heard from the quartet was last year’s (has it been since February 2013 already?) Fade In/Fade Out, with its rocking power pop attitude and incredible hooks. What seems like an eternity between releases is completely excusable though. The band has been spending the last year (in no particular order) playing/promoting Fade In/Fade Out, being “Air Jesus,” exploring how many moods dad has, giving the Replay a stiff middle finger, jamming with the Hidden Pictures, organizing Field Day Fest, and, oh yeah, winning the world air guitar championship. So, lest we forget these guys totally rule when their powers combine, The Dead Girls kick down the door and say, “Did ya miss us?” Of course we did!

The Beast Inside EP revolves around the third track from last year’s full length record; the TKO portion of what I had called “the one-two-three punch” that starts off Fade In/Fade Out. We get not one, but two versions of “The Beast Inside” (the album cut and the ‘Vollentine Super Rock Mix’), their cover of Big Star’s “Jesus Christ” from last year’s Midwest Music Foundation Christmas Compilation, and two new tracks. “I Should’ve Known” is a breezy, strumming guitar ballad and soft vocals wrapping you up in the harmonies. “Friends Will Leave” is a much more melancholic track (and a definite heartbreaker), but both songs bring a sense comfort in their warm embrace. Beautiful songs that showcase The Dead Girls songwriting abilities and pop sensibility.

While they stay busy with their endeavors outside of the group and while playing together, they still make time to put together a solid collection. Glad to hear back from you, gentlemen. Don’t stay away so long.

Favorite Tracks: “I Should’ve Known” & “Friends Will Leave”

by Nathan Cardiff



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