Most punk rock fans in the area divided their time last week between the No Age show in Kansas City and the Stiff Middle Fingers show at the Replay. Those who found themselves in Lawrence, however, were part of a memorable event when Stiff Middle Fingers recorded their first live album.

They rewarded those who came out with all of their regular antics and then some. The band showcased great musical skill and thinking on their feet while the frontman scaled the venue and rocked out alongside the band’s fans on the floor.

Sedlec Ossuary, a Topeka metal band, opened up the night. This band recently ditched their vocals and are strictly instrumental, and the decision has gotten them an overwhelmingly positive response. Their “metal stance” made for some memorable moments featuring their physical skill. We’d highly recommend seeing them, and you’ll get a chance to later this month at the Jackpot.



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