Deep in the heart of Kansas City is a band so full of life that one should never miss the opportunity to see them when they come to Lawrence. Antennas Up is one of the merriest dance experiences you may have in this part of the state.

There is no frontman with more pizzaz and charm than Kyle Akers. The bassist turned (powerful) vocalist, along with the other well-groomed fellas, single-handedly won their crowd over at the Jazzhaus on Friday night.


The irritatingly stiff and grumpy audience, who had been uttering snide remarks and snickers while the band set up, immediately let their guard down once the drummer started his playful beats. By the time that synth started up, the women, swimming in their own tulle and silk laden skirts, couldn’t help but swarm the dance floor– ditching their male escorts for a chance to cut a rug that forced them to move.

Enjoy this clip of the band rousing all sorts of intoxicating fun at the venue.



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