by Nathan Cardiff

Change Your Name can be described as a roar, a bellow from the pit of an inferno. Maps For Travelers take their hardcore, progressive rock sound to the limits and it’s an absolute blast. Starting with a one-two punch of “Good Life” and “Your Life on Repeat,” the record goes full force into the thrashing tunes. Maps For Travelers bring the screaming in early and you wanna join in, straining your voice to match their gruff snarl. Change Your Name is heavy as hell, but the talents of the band extend beyond just the earth shaking intensity. “Matter of Time” is truly the band’s anthem; a ballad with a killer riff and devastating horn to finish the track out. It’s a rocker that will have fans shouting it out at shows.

The beautiful crescendo of “All Your Friends” and the infectious pop of “World On A Wire” make you take notice to how much this band branches out from the typical conventions of its genre. The screeching guitars, the insane drums, and the ferocious vocals all add up to a band blazing a path in any direction they wish to take. The fire on Change Your Name burns through nine tracks and finally fades with the melancholic “They’re Learning Fast,” as it closes the record with a slow dance into the darkness.

I love the emotions on the record; songs like “Good Life” and “Get A New Face” hit you right in the chest. Heartbreakers for sure, but you grit your teeth and scream your frustration right in the face of those bringing the pain. Maps For Travelers hold nothing back; why should you?

Favorite Tracks: “Matter Of Time” & “World On A Wire”

by Nathan Cardiff



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