Today is I Heart Local Music’s birthday, and we’re spreading the local music love.

Whatever Forever is helping us celebrate by releasing two new tracks from the incredibly hard-working DIY rockers Karma Vision and indie darling Y[our] Fri[end]. The label is putting out a compilation album this Summer, and will be releasing a new track every week until then.

The Y[our] Fri[end] track, Jekyl Hyde, is a real treat because it’s the first recorded material to come from Taryn Blake Miller, who has been diligently working in the studio all winter.

Karma vision’s Baby Crockett (below) is part of a series of small releases from the band. At the end of the year, Karma Vision plans to compile all the new releases into an EP.

Catch Y[our] Fri[end] at the I Heart Local Music showcase at Middle of the Map Fest next weekend (click here for more info), and catch Karma Vision April 11 at the Jackpot when they open for Akron Family.

Thanks for helping us celebrate another birthday! Here’s to many more!



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