The last of the SXSW bands are trickling through the area, and one of those bands finishing out their tours was SW/MM/NG, out of Arkansas. They stopped by the Replay on Tuesday evening to fill our minds with seriously dreamy beach rock, reminiscent of warmer times, to take us away from the unseasonably frigid Spring we’ve been experiencing lately.

This band has an interesting setup. The drummer stands and uses just three pieces when performing live. Two of the guitarists liked to bounce from side to side in unison. It almost made them look like waves in the ocean, which was very fitting for the type of music that flowed throughout the Replay.

There’s a line in one of their songs where the frontman says “I don’t want to lose myself,” but that’s exactly what happens when you’re listening to SW/MM/NG. This is perfect escape music. If you were to spend an entire summer on the beach or by the pool doing absolutely nothing, this would be your soundtrack.

Their songs average 4-6 minutes. Normally I’m not a fan of lengthy tracks, but (much like the summer) these are songs that I never want to end.



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