by Nathan Cardiff

Spirit Is The Spirit has released the ambitious and dreamy four track EP Baktun Baby, just in time for the beginning of Spring. The EP is the first part of a bigger project that will come to fruition as 2013 continues (I’m not sure how much I’m at liberty to talk about it, but you should be excited, trust me) and over the course of fifteen minutes gets you ready for the next cycle in life. Part good ol’ fashioned rock ‘n’ roll and part surreal pop, Baktun Baby is fun all the way through with a big heart and folk tendencies that give it that warm buzz.

The first track “Only After Dark” hits close to home with the lyrics, “It’s been only after dark/that you can really see who you are” and from there becomes this therapeutic piece of beauty. Light guitars and soft vocals (with a strength behind them that fills the record) will wrap you up and lift you into the sky. There’s something about this song that just draws you outside, sometimes to nowhere in particular. Or maybe the song is pulling you where you need to go. There’s a coziness in wandering with Spirit Is The Spirit, because you don’t feel lost.

Spirit is the Spirit perform at SXSW 2013
“45 Days” will have you moving around the room with the great guitar riffs and drums that bounce with the melodies. It feels like a song seeded in a past era; a rock song that isn’t afraid to bring a classic sound to a modern time. The last two tracks may be the most revealing of what Baktun Baby is trying to express. “I Believe That We Will Win” feels like a space shuttle taking off into the atmosphere, and the folky/lovely/heart-wrenching “Lonely” will make you feel microscopic compared to the vastness of its message.

Much like the EP’s artwork, there’s a massive wilderness in front of us all, but spirits to watch over, take care of, and guide us. Spirit Is The Spirit has the confidence to take care, but even they realize what a daunting task that can be. “We barely even started out recognizing what’s beyond our eyes” and “the enormity of infinity” stand out in “I Believe That We Will Win” (a mostly instrumental track that gives these few lyrics a chilling conclusion).

Baktun Baby has an out of this world vibe; it doesn’t want to be contained. A wonderful record that fills every space in the room and escapes outside to watch over all.

Favorite Tracks: “Only After Dark” & “Lonely”

by Nathan Cardiff

Be sure to catch Spirit is the Spirit this Saturday at Czar Bar and on April 4 at Middle of the Map Fest in Kansas City… and just for fun, click here to learn more about the beards in Spirit is the Spirit.

Enjoy a video of the band performing at Midcoast Takeover’s Saturday event at SXSW.



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