If you’re familiar with the Whatever Forever music label in Lawrence, then you know that the home to imaginative and experimental musical groups such as Karma Vision, C.S. Luxem, and Rishi have a home in the East Lawrence Warehouse Arts District. The musicians on that label are some of Lawrence’s top creative forces, and this week they’ve delivered another stroke of genius with Karma Vision’s video for “Plastic Ocean.”

Two of the band’s musicians, Bobby Sauder and his brother Ben, shot the Super 8 footage the last time the band toured (about a year and a half ago). The video gives a little insight into tour life. We’re treated to footage of the boys trotting about the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, skipping rocks in the Puget Sound in Washington, people watching in San Francisco, and camping in Big Sur and Oregon. “It was an incredible experience and we felt the footage went well with the song,” says Bobby Sauder. His brother held onto the footage for a good while with the intention of making it into a music video. Along came editor Sam Michie, and the rest is history.

The video has a dual purpose, also serving as part of a series of small, comfortably-paced track releases from the band. At the end of the year, Karma Vision will be compiling all these releases into an EP (you can read more about those plans by clicking here).



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