I Heart Local Music is pleased to announce a showcase at Kansas City’s Middle of the Map Music Festival.
You’re invited to come out to the I Heart Local Music stage at Record Bar on Saturday, April 6, from 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. In an effort to shake you to your very core, we’ll be throwing four bands into the spotlight to rock you into the night. The lineup is as follows:

The Sluts

The Sluts pack a punch with just two musicians in the band. Unique vocals, vicious guitar riffs, and an enthusiastic drummer have been enough to keep Ryan Wise and Kristoffer Dover a favorite in the scene. It’s hard not to move at their shows, and audiences will take to their dirty lyrics and supreme down-to-earth rock and roll.


Muddy Udders

Muddy Udders are a Wisconsin-based rock band with Kansas roots that are equal parts rockabilly and surf rock. They’ve been known to cause a ruckus at their shows thanks to shredding, whoops, and hollers that throw the audience into a frenzy. The band has hundreds of shows under their belt (most of them consisting of four-hour sets), so don’t expect a lack of energy and stamina from these bad boys from up North. 



Oils is a bizarre and unpredictable experience. What was once a garage rock duo is now a chaotic event that throws caution to the wind. Come for the screechy guitar, stay for the surprisingly gorgeous crooning of frontman Andrew Frederick.


Y[our] Fri[end]

Y[our] Fri[end] comes to us from Taryn Blake Miller, Lawrence’s latest newest indie darling. The soloist uses a variety of effects to create head-turning vocals and heartbreaking lyrics. She’s currently working on her first highly-anticipated album, and is sure to leave audiences speechless with her one-of-a-kind style.

Additionally, more acts were announced this week. We’re pleased as punch to be part of the festival’s third year, and invite you to come out early on Saturday to catch some locals before finishing the night off with a wildly entertaining festival.



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