On Friday night, we felt like making our faces explode. So we took in a Dry Bonnet show. When they didn’t destroy our hearing, local hard rockers The Sluts came in and finished the job.

Dry Bonnet

Dry Bonnet

These are hands down some of the noisiest garage rockers in town. If the sheer volume of their set didn’t leave you blinded and disoriented, then chances are you took an arrow full of ass-kicking-rock to the knee.
The band put on a great show. They hardly let more than two seconds pass between their rapid songs, and occasionally one of the guitar players would fling himself up against the wall. The crowd was small when they started the set, but after a couple of songs people started filling the place up. There were even a couple of gorgeous women elbowing each other for a good spot up front.
Everybody loves Dry Bonnet. I’ve even heard pangs of jealousy in other rockers about town. The band’s set is a kick-in-the-ass and leaves you disheveled, but it’s a beating I’m willing to take any day.


The Sluts

The Sluts

Those poor guys in The Sluts. The second they take the stage for their soundcheck, concert-goers begin screaming things like “Sluts!” and “You fucking sluts!” Crowds love bands with dirty names, and getting humorously harassed onstage before they even play is becoming quite routine now.
But that crowd quickly shuts up the second the band lays into their set. Frontman Ryan Wise’s voice is so unique and insane, it may very well knock you off your feet. A few months ago, The Sluts played their first show ever at the Jackpot to a crowd of about seven. Now, they’re filling up venues and unleashing new music on everyone. The band is skyrocketing, and deserves every bit of it. This is a band that reminds us why we love real, down-to-earth rock and roll.

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  • Drew, February 25, 2012 @ 12:26 pm

    Dry Bonnet is the 3rd loudest band I’ve seen. They’re awesome.

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